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Best Local Web Hosting For Personal/Small businesses use in South Africa Survey


I know MANY people have asked the same question over and over. But I thought (if it hasn’t been done before) that I would create a survey to find out which local hosting company with local servers is the top host based on support, up time and price for small businesses and personal use. For example if you want to host 6+ websites on one account or you have a business with 15+ employees. Which host is the best and most reliable?

*Please let me know if I can add more options to the list and if the ones I added doesn’t have local servers.

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Hi. I'm currently 30 years old and I'm a full time Front-End Web Developer. I'm a cat lover. I created this blog when I was figuring out how Wordpress works and it eventually started to get a lot of traffic. I'm now trying to help fellow South Africans with general how to stuff for example how to renew your car license disc. I will try to write as many blog posts as I can. I hope you enjoy this website and don't forget to leave a comment.
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