Primi Piatti Pasta

Food review of Primi Piatti Stoneridge, Edenvale

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Hi there!

So this will be my first food review… I think. Unless I’ve posted some other post about food and didn’t categorise it as food. Who knows?

Anyway. My wife and I went to Primi Piatti at Stoneridge on Friday 16 May 2014. I was actually looking for some new and different restaurants to try out but it’s super hard to find new restaurants on-line by just Googling restaurants in Johannesburg. Often the websites that you land on from the search result won’t have any pictures so it’s very hard to just make a decision to choose a restaurant and go. It’s always better if a friend or someone you know refers you to the restaurant.

I know you don’t know me but I’m going to refer you to this restaurant.

So it was cold, we were tired after work and so we decided to just go to the Primi Piatti at Stoneridge in Edenvale which is also close to our home.

The waiter was really friendly and the service was amazingly fast. We ordered two strawberry jam jars and within minutes she was back at our table with our jam jars.

We then ordered two pastas from the menu. The one was a Salmone and the other was Pollo Giorgio and again, the food came super fast after we ordered.

The pasta was GREAT. The jam jars were GREAT. And the service was GREAT!

So do yourself a favour and check out the Primi Piatti at Stoneridge. They are a bit expensive with their food but it really is worth it.

Here’s a pic of the pastas. They look exactly the same…ha ha

Primi Piatti Pasta

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