Petrol price increase 71 cents per litre

Scheme to reduce the petrol price increase in SA – only use local petrol, Engen, Sasol, Total and Caltex


Petrol price increase 71 cents per litre

This Wednesday 4 April 2012 the petrol price is going up with 71 cents. Which will make it R11.76 per liter for 93 unleaded. That’s ridiculously expensive and makes me want to buy a small scooter for around R3000 to drive to work. WTF is going on? Everything is getting so expensive. Food, fuel, rent and electricity among other things is going up not to mention the toll roads but our salaries are staying the same. One of these days it will be impossible to live. I can’t even imagine people with kids where they have to pay school fees and drive those extra kilometers to drive their kids to school.

Let’s maybe try that scheme where you only put in fuel from local petrol companies. Yes, the scheme from that spam email.

There’s this email that’s been going around for years which lands in my spam mail box most of the time where it says that if everyone can ONLY use local petrol like Sasol, Total, Engen and Caltex, the international companies like BP (British Petroleum), Shell and others will be forced to drop their prices in order to make any money. Then according to the governments Petrol Price Regulation our local petrol companies will have to lower their prices as well.

I’m not 100% sure how this “act” works so if anyone can please enlighten me that would be great. I know that the petrol price is determined by the government so I’m not sure if other companies are allowed to just lower their prices.

I don’t know but maybe we should just try it and see what happens. At least we’re trying something instead of just taking it from behind by the Government.

If anyone else have a better plan or idea of how we can drop the fuel price, please post it in a comment below.

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  1. Faiek Taliep April 2, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    We need to stand up for our rights and fuck the government and fuel companies like they’re fucking us. I say boycott British petrol. I’ll start by making people wiser about where they fill their cars

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